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'Two issues provide Kitto's vintage publication its enduring freshness: he pioneered the method of Greek drama via inner artistry and thematic shape, and he consistently wrote in full of life and readable English. ' - Oliver Taplin, collage of Oxford, united kingdom Why did Aeschylus represent otherwise from Sophocles?

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From him the month of January was named, and the year takes its beginning from this same month. 29 DIO'S 7^ ROMAN HISTORY " KoX yap ev dp')(ai(; Tiai Tekevralcov opLyvM/buevoi koX Ta<; Sairdva^ ovk dKovcriw^i ^ Bekk. Anecd. p. 161, 3. virofievofxevr Aicov a! /3i^\L(p — Zonaras 7, 5. Kal Tov ^lavovdptov Be No/^a? eh dp'^rjv rod eTOf? aTreveifiev. ^aaiXevaa^ ernj eVl rpial TeaaapaKOvra. . KOvo'lws Bs. , cLKovaiovs Ms. " I. " For in the beginning of some when we gladly are eagerly seeking certain submit even to the expense Zouaras Numa I 7, 5.

Romulus and Remus disputed] about the sovereignty and the city, and they got into a conflict in which Remus was killed From this incident arose the custom of putting to death one who dared to cross the trench of a camp by any other than the regular passage-ways. When she [Tarpeia] went down for water she was seized and brought to Tatius, and was induced to betray the citadel. Tzetzes, Chil. 5, 21, v. 109 f. Dio and Dionysius record the story of Cacus, and do many other historians of Rome. so ^ The Caeainenses, Livy Crusturaini, and Antemnates.

1, 7. (TTe(j>avo<; tjv koX d/cpov /cal (pacvoXrjt; Kal 'Pco/xvXo) (TKYjiTTpov derov eyov \evKo<; magistr. rei publ. evo<; Kal vTroBrjpia (fyoivcKovv /card top K-OKfc^iop. . , ^SteVratsMs. Si€\4xd'n supplied by Bs. * 20 . 7, 4. epvOpoh' - * ciTreScBKe supplied by Mai. , eVe^^^Tj Labb. , TeraXfjievoi Labb. iuefx-fidrjaav . . Labb. BOOK I Romulus assumed a rather harsh attitude toward the sfcnate and behaved toward it much Uke a tyrant he returned the hostages of the Veientes on his own responsibility and not by common consent, as was When he perceived that they were usually done.

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