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Using the Definite Articles ‘de’ and ‘het’ In English, there is only one definite article: the. Unfortunately for you, Dutch has two different definite articles: de and het: de fiets the bike de man the man de vrouw the woman het huis the house het meisje the girl Not knowing when to use de and when het makes many students of Dutch unhappy. Take your time! This book offers you some rules that tell you whether to use de or het, but using the rules will only solve part of the problem. The best way to use the right article is learning by heart the article that goes with each word.

Rivers: • de Rijn (der rayn) (the Rhine) • de Maas (der maas) (the Meuse) • de Waal (der vaal) (the Walloon) Het goes with: ߜ diminutives: • het jongetje (het yong-er-tyer) (the little boy) • het meisje (het mays-yer) (the little girl) • het stadje (het stat-yer) (the small town) ߜ nouns of two syllables that start with be: • het begin (het ber-khin) (the beginning) • het belang (het ber-lang) (the importance) • het beleid (het ber-layt) (the policy) Chapter 2: Low-cal Grammar: Just the Basics ߜ nouns of two syllables that start with ge-: • het gezin (het kher-zin) (the family) • het gevoel (het kher-fool) (the feeling) • het geluid (het kher-loait) (the sound) ߜ nouns of two syllables that start with ver-: • het verkeer (het fer-kayr) (the traffic) • het vervoer (het fer-foor) (the transport) • het vertrek (het fer-trehk) (the departure) ߜ nouns of two syllables that start with ont-: • het ontbijt (het ont-bayt) (the breakfast) • het ontslag (het ont-slakh) (the dismissal) • het ontwerp (het ont-vehrp) (the design) Relating Adjectives to ‘de’ and ‘het’ Words Words like mooi (pretty, beautiful), groot (big), and klein (small) are adjectives.

Prepositions are small words of great importance. They tell you whether something is in, on, under or next to the place where you are looking for it. You will use them very often and you will soon learn if something is in het bed, op het bed, onder het bed, or bij het bed. Prepositions of place and those of time are used most. Like in English many Dutch verbs go together with certain prepositions: the so-called phrasal verbs. Sometimes the combination of verb and preposition is logical, sometimes not at all.

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