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G. health or relaxation, which helps to replenish his working power. In other words, the activity is merely a tool, for it derives its meaning only through its connection with other ends. We cannot maintain that the pleasure a man gets from a landscape, let us say, would last long if he were convinced a priori that the forms and colors he sees are just forms and colors, that all structures in which they *Even the penchant for tidiness, a modern taste par excellence, seems to be rooted in the belief in magic.

47. 36 MEANS AND ENDS in the laboratory and in philosophy, and consequently the difference between the destination of mankind and its present course. Dewey identifies fulfilment of the desires of people as they are with the highest aspirations of mankind: Faith in the power of intelligence to imagine a future which is the projection of the desirable in the present, and to invent the instrumentalities of its realization, is our salvation. * 'Projection of the desirable in the present' is no solution.

E. sensualistic idealism. ^ The Meaning of Truth, New York, f 910, p. 208. § Ibid. p. 180. 1 James, Some Problems of Philosophy, New York, 1924, p. 59. 31 ECLIPSE OF REASON preserving the idea of objective truth under the name of the absolute, or in any other spiritualized form, achieved the relativization of subjectivity. It insisted on the difference in principle between mundus sensibilis and mundus intelligibilis, between the image of reality as structured by man's intellectual and physical tools of domination, by his interests and actions or any kind of technical procedure, and a concept of an order or hierarchy, of static or dynamic structure, that would do full justice to things and nature.

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