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40 Repetitive parallelism includes both verbatim repetition and the use of the same root in parallel cola, often called paronomasia or figura etymologica. Analysis of semantic parallelism, the repetition of meaning, suffers from a lack of precision. Pardee applauded the efforts of Geller and others to offer more precise categories to describe semantic relationships. Grammatical parallelism, the repetition of syntactic structure, is one of the most recent areas of research in Ugaritic and Biblical Hebrew verse.

In the Introduction I have addressed the problem of defining the term, "rhetorical device". 44 works in this area will be reserved for detailed discussion in Chapter Three. Conclusion In this chapter I have surveyed studies of Ugaritic verse spanning nearly six decades in an attempt to outline the progress which has been made and to find those areas where further work is needed. The scholarly debate continues with regard to several key issues. The quest for a metrical system, at least in the usual sense of the term, which embraces Ugaritic verse continues to spark debate.

There is every reason to expect further progress in future studies of parallelism. The present study, by concentrating upon rhetorical devices and their role in creating parallelism, seeks to add to this body of knowledge. Recent Chapter Two: S t u d i e s of H e b r e w Verse Introduction When the texts from Ugarit were first deciphered almost sixty years ago scholars immediately recognized affinities between Ugaritic and Biblical Hebrew. These similarities include common vocabulary, grammatical structure, and verse structure.

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