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By Adam Frank

ISBN-10: 1780740603

ISBN-13: 9781780740607

The acclaimed, exhilarating trip into the technology of time, from Stonehenge to the large Bang and past

Our universe's "beginning" is at an finish. What does this need to do with us, the following in the world? every thing. Our lives are approximately to be dramatically shaken--as altered as they have been via the discovery of the clock, the steam engine, the railroad, the radio and the net. In "About Time, "astrophysicist Adam Frank permits us a peek into the leading edge of cosmology, explaining how the feel of our lives alterations in addition to our realizing of the universe's foundation. in view that we woke up to self-consciousness fifty thousand years in the past, our lived adventure of time, from looking and accumulating to the discovery of cellphones and digital calendars, has been remodeled and rebuilt again and again. however the newest theories in cosmology--time without starting, parallel universes, everlasting inflation--are approximately to ship us in a brand new direction.

Time is either our grandest and such a lot intimate perception of the universe. Frank tells the tale of humanity's private question--when and the way did every thing begin?--alongside the tale of the way people have skilled time, the way in which our engagement with the area has allowed us to find the character of the universe and the way these discoveries tell our day-by-day event. This impressive ebook will switch the best way we predict approximately time and the way it impacts our lives.

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