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The subsets T, I, F are not necessarily intervals, but may be any real subsets: discrete or continuous; single-element, finite, or (either countably or uncountably) infinite; union or intersection of various subsets; etc. They may also overlap. These real subsets could represent the relative errors in determining t, i, f (in the case when the subsets T, I, F are reduced to points). This representation is closer to the human mind reasoning. It characterizes/catches the imprecision of knowledge or linguistic inexactitude received by various observers (that’s why T, I, F are subsets - not necessarily singleelements), uncertainty due to incomplete knowledge or acquisition errors or stochasticity (that’s why the subset I exists), and vagueness due to lack of clear contours or limits (that’s why T, I, F are subsets and I exists; in particular for the appurtenance to the neutrosophic sets).

2. Short-Time-Living Sorites Paradox: Similarly, there is not a clear frontier between the ‘long-time-living’ matter and the ‘short-timeliving’ matter. ” (Dr. M. Khoshnevisan, Griffith University). 58 The truth, as always, will be far stranger Arthur C. Clarke. 2001 - A Space Odyssey. 7 Epistemological Aspects of Multi-Valued Logic It seems worth to consider here an introduction to epistemelogical aspects of Multi-Valued logic and Neutrosophic Logic, albeit for more precise discussions the readers are recommended to find literature on Logic.

Phys. Vol. 1). The paper began with a remarkable note [113]: “In this article I should like to show, first of all for the simplest case of the (non-relativistic and unperturbed) hydrogen atom, that the usual rule for quantization can be replaced by another requirement in which there is no longer any mention of 'integers'. The integral property follows, rather, in the same natural way that, say, the number of nodes of a vibrating string must be an integer. "1 1 Some string theorists perhaps would find this remark interesting.

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