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Shop Window / Store Display Competition


Continuing our mission to get our jewellery shops and outlets looking inventive and innovative, we gave the opportunity for our stockists to win a cash voucher. To be a successful winner they had to create the best Kaytie Wu display in either the shop window or within a display counter.

We had some amazing entries and a few really stood out but there can only be 1 winner and the prize went to Loft & Spires with this delightful picture.


Comp Winner


Afterwards, we caught up with Alice at Loft & Spires and here’s what she had to say about the overall experience;


Why did you decide to enter the window competition?

We really like Kaytie Wu as a brand and the opportunity to showcase it to our customers was just too good not to miss! It also gave us a chance to put our creative hats on and really show what we can do!

Did you do anything different to how you normally arrange your display?

Usually we are very creative with all of our displays but I guess we wanted to go the extra mile with this one and we really tried to make it extra cool. We are usually Become a bit more creative, even more, made extra cool.

Who is the dog in the picture?

The dog in the picture is our shop mascot Roxy. We love Roxy!

What do you like about Kaytie Wu?

Simplicity. That is it in a nutshell. I guess the clean and geometric designs give it an edge too but the simplicity of the brand is what really makes it.

What do your customers think of Kaytie Wu?

Everyone loves it, it’s a simplicity statement piece and our customers really take notice of it. In fact, we often get customers talking about how nice it looks when they come into the shop. Even more so whilst we’ve had our extra creative hats on!

How did you feel when you won the competition?

I was very surprised. We entered the competition obviously hoping for the best but never expected to win. We are delighted!

What are you going to differently in the future?

We are usually very creative anyway and like to change things around to keep the store looking fresh. The competition has shown that by us doing a little bit more makes customers that little bit more interested.

How are you going to spend your prize?

Definitely going to treat myself to a few things, maybe even Kaytie Wu jewellery! And possibly treat everyone in the office too. Thank you so much!


A special thank you to Alice and Loft & Spires who won this competition and also thank you to everyone else that participated.

Here are a few of our other favourite entries that inspired us.


kaytie wu shop competition


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