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We are now recruiting retailers

  • Kaytie Wu is inviting jewellery, fashion, gift retailers and department stores to apply to be Kaytie Wu Official Retailers.
  • Kaytie Wu, a designer brand launching in 2015: influenced by Minimalist and contemporary art with the stunning debut collection ‘Geo’, in fine gold/silver plating and Swarovski crystals.
  • Commercially, it is attractively priced for the premium fashion and gift market, wrapped in display-ready, branded boxes and gift bags.
  • As an Official Retailer, you will get a healthy retail margin,Launch pack (style free to select) of minimum order value of £250 only. Credit account application available from second order.and preferred territory; continuous marketing/PR support.

Get involved

If you have any queries, please contact us on 020 3397 5880, or email kw@supamax.com.

If you are interested in applying, please send the filled Retailer Application Form and we will reply within two weeks. You can download the form as either Word or PDF documents below. Once you have downloaded the form, please fill out both pages, and post to

Kaytie Wu
1, Bishops Court, Lincoln Court, Lincolns Inn
High Wycombe HP12 3RE

or scan and email to kw@supamax.com , or simply fill out the form online by click ‘Complete Application Form Online’ bar below at right.

KW-pdfdownload    KW-worddownload    KW-applyonline


What’s in the 2015 debut range ‘Geo Original’?

  • Geometric theme – hexagon, teardrop, fan and circle.
  • Brushed purity and crystal sparkle; rose gold, gold and silver.
  • Ca. 80 sku, all branded packaging, matching gift bag included for retail display and gifting.
  • RRP (incl VAT): £16 – Stud and Ring; £20 – bangle; £22 – pendant and bracelet.

We now have a 2016 range named ‘Geo Beyond’?

  • Geometric theme – new lines added including line and tube and weave look disc
  • New materials in Matt Rose Gold and Matt Silver, 18k rose gold and brass.
  • New lines across all jewellery categories, all branded packaging, matching gift bag included for retail display and gifting.
  • RRP (incl VAT): £18 – Rings, Earrings; £25 – Bracelets, Necklaces.

What you get as an Katie Wu Official Retailer?

  • Preferred status in pre-determined territories. Limited number of retailers in UK.
  • Launch pack (style free to select) of minimum order value of £250 only. Credit account application available from second order.
  • In Store marketing support – retail look book, POS and other ongoing support.
  • Listed as Official Retailer on the official site www.kaytiewu.com. PR/marketing, online/social media marketing of the brand.
  • Continuous new designs each season and further development of exciting ecommerce options.

Download the Look Book by clicking on the image below. Please note this only includes 2015 range – if you want to see the 2016 range please email us at kw@supamax.com and we will send you the latest one.

look book

What kind of retailer are we looking for?

  • Proven and relevant retailing record, or strong potential, i.e. relevant customer base and traffic; good retail image suitable for KW branding.
  • Commitment of retail space/position and resources for this brand.
  • Can meet performance targets based on shop size and location; financially sound.

If I am interested, what next?

  • Contact KW on 020 3397 5880 or kw@supamax.com with any queries.
  • Fill out the Application Form.
  • KW to decide on first come, first serve basis; and notify of the decision usually within 2 weeks of applications received.
  • If successful, we start to supply the launch pack within a week of notice.

You don’t want to miss it, do you?